~Wow Format of Form~

"Play Free"

I don’t understand the ads of games on Facebook calling “play free” ! Now we have to pay to play? I mean than what kinda game is it? At least spare the games! What next u gonna put price tag on crying? Or sleeping? Or just breathing? I mean r we human any longer? Or just money making scums, who wanna put price tag on every single thing that a human can have himself to make him happy or humane!
U know now I understand why people do meditation coz it’s free at least nobody gonna put price tag on it! At least why does every thing has to have a price?
If I wanna have good dinner with my family I gotta pay!
I wanna go for a ride at night with my friends I gotta pay
I wanna kiss my girlfriend I gotta pay!
Pay pay pay pay pay! All human do is make others pay n than pay!
Thanx pay for making us 21st century human who’s gotta pay to for a bottle of drinking water! Yes regular pure drinking water, we’re that down people!

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